6 Tips To Avoid Losing Followers On Instagram

Are you constantly losing followers on Instagram? If so, it can significantly setback your Instagram marketing efforts when you make several strategies to increase your followers. 

Instagram has a massive user base of approx 30% out of 4.48 billion Internet users worldwide regularly. So, a solid presence on this platform can benefit your business.

But losing followers, sometimes at an increasing rate, is preventing your growth on the platform. Some common reasons for losing IG followers is sharing low-quality content, inconsistent posting, or being shadowbanned are a few reasons for it among others. 

If you are facing the same issue, you need to solve the problem to avoid losing your increased followers quickly. In this article, you will learn how to stop losing followers on Instagram. 

Why Do Instagram Followers Matter? 

Instagram is ranked among the top 10 social media sites on the internet. But, apart from communicating with others, it is a potential medium for shopping and e-commerce. 

Exciting stats reveal that over 130 million users tap on shopping posts monthly. Also, 70% of them use the platform for product discovery. In that situation, an IG account has solid followers can have multiple benefits that are as follows:

Showcases Credibility

Do you follow any brand account with less than 1K followers? There is a common perception that we can trust brands with more followers. So, people won’t be following brands with fewer followers. 

When many followers view and engage with your posts, it stands as social proof. Since more users follow it, other users perceive it as a sign of credibility. It gives the positive impression of a good reputation and quality service.

Increases Reach

You will want to make your IG posts reach more and more users. But, it is not that easy because IG will show your posts to users based on your followers. 

When you have many followers that view, like, and comment on your post, it further reaches more people. In addition, Instagram’s algorithm supports such posts, expanding its online presence among new users. 

Partnerships And Collaboration 

Partnerships and collaborations are essential for brands and influencers. You can’t talk about partnerships on IG with other accounts until you have a good number of followers. It is because they won’t trust you enough to promote your brand. 

Similarly, If you are an influencer, you would be looking for more opportunities for partnership and collaboration. But you need a strong base of followers to attract the possibility of making sponsored posts that will help you monetize your Instagram presence. 

Create Brand Awareness 

Today, there are more than 2 billion Instagram users. So, you will want more people to know about your brand making it popular among buyers for your products or services. 

A high number of Instagram followers can increase your brand awareness. As you gain more followers, more people learn about your brand and its services. So, you can convert this awareness into leads and then into sales. 

Improved Networking 

Connecting with other brands and professionals is vital for your brand to make further deals that benefit it.

For this purpose, Instagram is an ideal platform for networking with new people and planning professional relationships. When you engage with other people or brands in your niche, you can make productive relationships with them that benefit your brand. 

Moreover, it is the ideal place to comment and gain clients from across borders, which will be an unprecedented boost to your work. 

All these reasons make having a solid follower base on Instagram essential.

How To Avoid Losing Followers On Instagram 

You plan content strategy, post consistently, engage with others and work on many other aspects to increase your Instagram followers base. However, you would have noticed a gradual or sudden reduction in your hard-earned followers, which can be a significant setback. 

Losing followers on Instagram can have various reasons. Here are six tips that you can follow to avoid losing Instagram followers.

Post Valuable Content 

The most common reason why you shall be losing followers is low-quality posts. People follow your profile after being interested in your posts. But, when they notice your posts are no longer exciting or valuable, they unfollow your profile. 

To fix this problem, you must reconsider your content strategy and the value your posts offer. Rework and most trending content, advice, reviews, hacks, or something fun and informative.

After changing your content strategy, please take note of its engagement and followers to understand its impact. 

Share Original Posts 

Are you sharing copied posts on your Instagram profile? If so, you must stop because it will invite trouble from both Instagram and other users. Either Instagram decreases the visibility of such posts or other users report them. 

Firstly, it violates the copyright policy of IG leading to action by the platform. Secondly, you can begin losing followers when they know about your copied posts. 

For this reason, you need to ensure that you share original posts made by yourself on Instagram. Prepare unique posts and texts that are highly rated by the IG algorithm and invite the attention of new users who shall follow your account. 

Use a Service Provider

A common reason people lose many followers on Instagram overnight is its action against inorganic followers. When you purchase followers from an IG seller that uses bots to increase followers, Instagram will reduce it immediately.  

You can find various websites telling you what to do if you are losing Instagram followers. Also, you can always purchase real Instagram followers to diminish the loss. 

They increase your followers using real Instagram accounts based on your chosen package. It doesn’t invite action from Instagram and creates a credibility identity for your brand on IG, asking for further followers. 

Post Consistently 

A user follows your account to see your posts and videos regularly. So, they will have no reason to follow your account when they notice you aren’t posting daily. It can be one of the most probable reasons why you are losing Instagram followers.

Consequently, you need to share posts, videos, and stories daily. When you show up daily through your posts and make regular engagements, then it is noticed by other viewers who shall keep following your account and increase their number. 

For this purpose, you can use online tools to create and schedule posts to maintain consistency without fail.  

Increase Communication With Your Followers 

Communicating with your followers who engage with your posts helps build connections with your followers who keep following your account. 

You can always attempt to communicate with your followers by replying to DMs. Further, you can have periodic live sessions and directly connect with them. Make sure you replay the comments made over the posts you share.

Use Engaging Captions 

Many people consider that IG captions have no vital role. But this is a myth. When people find your post interesting, their eyes fall next to your captions. 

So, make sure you use attractive, easy-to-read, and engaging captions that offer some value to your followers. Moreover, you can add a CTA compelling them to take action, like making a comment, tagging friends, or sharing it. 

Otherwise, people don’t like to see boring captions with paragraphs of boring text and may unfollow your account. 

These tips will convince your followers to keep following your account, and they won’t voluntarily unfollow it. Similarly, these tips will help you stay away from any action of IG that reduces the number of your followers. 

Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of this article, and now you know the answer to your question. Why do I keep losing followers on Instagram, and how do I save my declining followers? 

You need more IG followers to showcase credibility, increase reach, have partnerships and collaborations, create brand awareness, and improve networking. 

Here are some important takeaways that you need to remember to make sure that you get these benefits and don’t lose your followers:

  • Post content that offers value to your followers
  • Share original posts that are unique from others
  • Use a reputed website to get real Instagram followers instantly to increase the credibility 
  • Post consistently showing up to your followers daily 
  • Use engaging captions that offer tons of value to your readers 

All these tips will help you stop losing followers on Instagram so you can thrive on the platform going upwards.

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