Why is Structured Cabling a Better Option for Security Systems?

Business security has always been a high priority of top management. Security threats like data theft are increasing day by day for sensitive businesses. What procedure would be best to make such enterprises secure? The answer is easy; using high-tech cabling in the security systems. The best option available for businesses to take is a structured cabling system. An organized and highly protected cabling system could be the best choice for security purposes. Following are some of the top-notch applications of structured cabling for security purposes.

Structured Cabling for Security Systems:

A structured cable is a well-organized infrastructure that one can install inside campus or building. Due to its standardized structure, it can make a business more secure and agile. The subsystems of a structured cable make it work effectively in different scenarios. How well does structured cabling cater to the security systems of a business? The answer is given below.

1. Surveillance system:

Surveillance systems of many businesses and large corporations mainly use structured cabling these days. The sole reason behind this is that these cables are highly secure and efficient to use. The coaxial cable is the type used in such scenarios. All the security cameras and other surveillance devices are connected, making an entire network.

2. CCTV Systems:

Dedicated power cables have been extensively used in the past for CCTV systems. With a few drawbacks, these cables are now replaced by structured lines. The specific term used in CCTV camera systems is Power over Ethernet (PoE). Category 5e and category 6 cables are mostly used to transmit data to the video cameras.

There are some standards and principles of this cabling system that must be kept in mind. For instance, some cat 6 cables must not be extended over 55 meters because that’s the limit defined in the principles. Structured cabling companies in Dubai always take care of these principles and standards while installing the system.

3. Access Control Systems:

Experts also used structured cabling in access control systems to secure highly sensitive businesses. A contained wire is generally run through the system, comprising all the individual wires needed for specific functions inside the system. The cable used in access control is usually called banana cable due to two reasons. One is that it has a yellow color, and the other is that it is easy to peel. The devices connected through this composite cable are electric lock, exit component, and door contact sensor.

4. IP-Enabled Security Systems:

Running cables in IP-enabled systems is relatively easy—an Ethernet cable powers all the components. IP-enabled security systems are easy to expand since there is nothing new to be installed. One can upgrade the existing cable if there is a need to add extra devices. Due to the structured cable properties, these advantages can be attained along with high security and performance.

5. Digital-Technology Architecture:

Coaxial cables used in the older security systems came up with numerous loopholes. Adding a new device like a camera to the system would disturb the entire network. Moreover, the addition process was costly since running a new coaxial cable to the camera’s location was not easy. The digital-technology architecture of security uses structured cabling systems these days. UTP cables have replaced coaxial cables, making the system easy to handle and cost-effective.

6. Control Sensors:

Structured cabling is the best option if you are about to install control sensors across your building. A sensor is a device that converts a physical stimulus into a readable signal. Most of the sensitive military units install such sensors across your building. The structured cabling system can better serve the needs here since it can carry data signals fast and uninterrupted.

Some cables are best for a short distance, while others are designed for long-distance functions. Depending on the customer’s needs, the structured cable can be of assistance. A structured cabling company in Dubai can choose the best type of cable to fulfill your needs. Businesses and military units must consult them while installing security cameras and control sensors.

7. Video Monitoring Services:

Video monitoring services are opted for by most manufacturing companies. The system is installed at the manufacturing site, ensuring regular monitoring and security of the business. A structured cable is used in the system to better transmit data signals without any corruption. An extra benefit of a video monitoring system for businesses is saving the cost of onsite security personnel.

Why need an expert for the installation of structured cabling?

A structured cable is a composite cabling system comprising of six subsystems. The installation process is complex and takes some skills and technical knowledge. One must not overlook the role of expert cabling since they know how to do it successfully. For a smooth and running flawless cabling system, the services of professional companies are mandatory.

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